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Bruine beer
Laat je vriend of vriendin iets weten met deze  bruine beer.
Je kan die een full colour bedrukt T-shirt geven.
de druk kies je natuurlijk zelf. 
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Aluminum plate base
This foot can hold plates of 60 cm wide by 120 cm high.
When using 2 pieces you can even place a plate of 122 cm high by 244 cm wide.
You can of course have this plate printed with us.

The thickness of the plate can be up to 20mm.
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VEB Anti- Graffiti Force3
VEB Anti-Graffiti Force3 is very specially formulated
cleaning agent to quickly and effectively remove graffiti,
remove paint and ink in an extreme environment
friendly way.

VEB Anti-Graffiti Force3 can be used on all smooth surfaces
and non-porous surfaces.
Martens temporary glazing foil reinforced 2x5 meters
Martens temporary glazing foil reinforced 2x5 meters is made of polyethylene foil and suitable for making rooms and buildings wind and watertight during construction.The foil is placed in window and door recesses so that rain has no chance to penetrate.This foil can also be used in the event of glass breakage, as an underlay

The dimensions of this temporary protection film are 2 by 5 meters (10m²).