VEB Anti- Graffiti Force3
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VEB Anti- Graffiti Force3

VEB Anti-Graffiti Force3 is very specially formulated

cleaning agent to quickly and effectively remove graffiti,

remove paint and ink in an extreme environment

friendly way.

VEB Anti-Graffiti Force3 can be used on all smooth surfaces

and non-porous surfaces.

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Veb Anti-graffiti Force3 is very specially formulated cleaning agent to fast and effective graffiti,

Remove paint and ink in an extremely environmentally friendly way.

Veb Anti-graffiti Force3 can be used on all smooth and non-porous surfaces.

Contains no alcohol or corrosive solvent and is therefore friendly to use.

VEB Anti-graffiti Force3 is efficient, practical,

Affordable and municipal and industrial maintenance and cleaning services. 1 liter

It is an ideal useful product when removing graffiti

on for example traffic signs, garbage cans, tram,

Train, bus and metro spaces, public buildings and toilets, etc.


Spraying the product and having it soaked for some time.

Then remove and clean the treated surface with

Water to neutralize and dry the product.


Use gloves.

Avoid touch with the eyes and house (when touched with the eyes,

Consulting abundantly with water and consult a doctor).

Do not breathe or take it. Keep out of the reach of children.

VEB Anti-graffiti Force3 is suitable for most materials,

But it is recommended to test in advance first.

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