General legal conditions

Legal Notice

DVC-Graphics ( and all its websites are owned by Didier Van Canneyt.

Didier Van Canneyt works under VAT number BE0672 263 349

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Nothing may be copied or distributed without permission without written permission.

Below you will find the conditions, the court of Bruges is appointed in case of conflicts.

Terms and Conditions.

You agree to it with every order you place.)

1. The following conditions apply to all customers, unless we indicate this in writing.

The customer is expected to know and accept these for each order.

2. Offers and discounts are always without obligation and without obligation and cannot be combined.

3. We reserve the right to mark our goods visibly and invisibly.

4. The delivery times must be regarded as information and cannot lead to a breach of contract or compensation.

All unforeseen circumstances that hinder the manufacture and shipment, both in our warehouses and at our

suppliers should be regarded as cases of force majeure, which by law relieves us of any obligation and responsibility.

5. All complaints must be sent to us by registered letter within 8 days of delivery.

After the expiry of this period, no returns or exchanges are made. Tailor-made products are not accepted

approved and accepted on receipt for writing errors and damage and will NEVER be taken back.

6. The merchandise always travels at the buyer's risk.

7. Each customer will pay an advance of 50% on every invoice of more than € 250 excluding VAT before the start of the works.

Intermediaries must state the name in which they are acting and will provide all the client's details.

The customer is and remains responsible for the order, only the customer can sign for approval of the quotation.

Our balance invoices are payable within 8 days by bank transfer, cash or via the website. With cash payment

(in advance by bank transfer, we NEVER give a discount for cash payment.)

8. Bring the invoiced amounts by operation of law and without the need for prior notice of default,

interest at 12% per year from the due date of the invoice.

If the intervention of our counsel is deemed necessary for the collection of our invoices or if an invoice or

account statement submitted for payment within 30 days after the deadline,

has not been reconciled, the amount owed on the invoice will automatically and without prior notice

notice of default is required, increased by 15% and with a minimum amount of € 150 per invoice, and this in addition to all interests and costs,

court costs or other. Collection costs are always borne by the customer. The goods remain our property until full payment has been made.

In case of non-payment of one invoice on the due date, the others become immediately claimable (personalized products are never taken back)

9. In the event of non-payment or if the purchaser of some creditor delay or delay; requests a judicial or extrajudicial agreement,

or if all or part of his assets have been seized upon demand from a creditor or in the event of death,

according to the seller's decision, by simply sending a registered letter, the goods will be sent to the seller within 24 hours

will be returned. In case of non-return during this period, the seller will be authorized to take back the goods,

wherever they are without judicial intervention.

10. The goods and services are not guaranteed under any circumstances, except if there is one written on the invoice

and a guarantee statement signed by the manager. There can be no claim on us for compensation

if the goods or services cause damage or cause accidents through their use.

11. We reserve the right to charge administration costs or postage on the basis of the legal costs that the transaction entails.

12. The packaging will be charged if necessary and never taken back.

13. Eventual disputes of any kind fall exclusively within the territorial jurisdiction of the court in Bruges.

14. Any change to the aforementioned conditions must be explicitly accepted by us in writing.

For everything not expressly provided for by the above conditions, only Belgian law applies.

15. The minimum invoice amount is 25 €, till receipts can be saved up to 25 €

If the customer demands an invoice for less than € 25, we will charge € 10 in administration costs.

16. Domain names must always be stopped in writing 3 months before the new period of 1 year starts.

If not, the domain name will be automatically renewed at the expense of the customer.